Wilderness Adventure & Kayaking Co. has been offering outdoor adventure programming to schools from Victoria, Cowichan Valley, Nanaimo and the lower mainland for many years. All our programs offer the best in instruction, safety, challenge and fun. Our instructors are well trained in their area of instruction and share not only their skills and knowledge but also their enthusiasm for wilderness adventure. Our school programming can be customized to suit your interests, objectives, budget and time. 

ADVENTURE RACE TRAINING This program includes skill building in canoeing, kayaking, orienteering, problem solving, team challenges and more. Then after a skills building day students are challenged in a team environment to navigate through an adventure race using their skills to complete challenges along the way. This program is delivered in both a multi day format and a short course format depending on the age of participants and the time your group has available.Orienteering_sm

BOAT ON THE BEACH  This is a great way to introduce students to the join of kayaking / paddle sports. In a group lesson students learn the basics of sea kayaking  with a short shoreline paddle. This instruction can be part of a class beach day combined with other activities.

COMPASS SKILLS AND ORIENTEERING  Learn how to read and use a compass to find your way through a basic orienteering course.

NAVIGATION  Learn basic chart symbols, basic navigation skills, tide and current reading

WILDERNESS FIRST AID  A great introduction to what to do if you are out on an adventure and get into trouble, who do you call?, how do you improvise with safety gear, this is a great session loaded with super simulations.

HUG A TREE  Is a program that teaches children how not to become lost in the woods, and what to do should they become lost.

SAFETY IN THE WOODS  A combination program that includes basic survival skills, wilderness first aid, shelter building and more.Youth canoeing

TEAM BUILDING GAMES  We will challenge  and encourage  individual / team growth  through the use of activities and  creative games that challenge communication skills, leadership, problem solving while encouraging creativity as they explore and learn.

PROJECT WILD Is a series of environmental awareness activities designed to inspire understanding and care for the environment. They can be delivered in combination with other activities or on their own.

FOREST ECOLOGY Is a series of  awareness activities designed to share information about the coastal rain-forest, vocabulary, basic needs of the rain-forest and more . They can be delivered in combination with other activities or on their own.

We can deliver sessions at your school in preparation for an outing, or at a camp setting over a period of days, sessions can be as short as one or two hours or multi days.

Call early, we book up quickly with our school calendar of events. Phone or email us for costs. The adventure awaits you.